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Educational Programs

The members of the Matrix Percussion Trio excel as both teachers and performers. The trio delivers exciting programs that will entertain and educate students of any age or expertise.

Using percussion instruments as a point of departure, the Matrix Trio brings the study of cultures into your general or instrumental music class, or assembly. Through performing and presenting the musics of other cultures, the trio will give your students a greater appreciation of the unique musical aspects of other cultures, and spark their interest in music of all cultures.

The Matrix Percussion Trio offers Educational Programs that include:

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  • Exciting, energetic, and informative performances suitable for every age group

  • An overview of the histories and cultures of the world through percussion

  • An introduction to the instruments of the percussion family.

  • Learning in an atmosphere of humor and fun

  • 30 and 60 minute versions, with other programs to suit any schedule

An optional small group session, either clinic or masterclass, is also available. Before or after the performance, this is an opportunity to spend some “hands on” time with a select group of your students.

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A Clinic for your students could include:

  • “Hands-on” time with a large array of percussion instruments

  • “How-to” on building simple percussion instruments

  • Beginning percussion techniques

  • Group performance

A Percussion Performance Masterclass includes:

  • An emphasis on orchestral percussion techniques

  • An emphasis on pursuing excellence by improving practice skills and technique

  • Coaching individuals and small ensembles to hone performance skills

  • An emphasis on improving musicality by correct instrument and mallet selection

A Composition Masterclass includes:

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  • Overview of Percussion in Western Art Music

  • 20th Century Composers and Percussion

  • Traditional and Non-traditional Performance Techniques

  • Percussion Notation

  • Instrument Selection and Mallet Choices

The Matrix Percussion Trio offers ideal programming for:

  • School concerts of all ages (primary secondary, and collegiate)

  • Music schools and studios

  • Chamber music series

The Matrix Percussion Trio has a program for any situation or venue. Whether a classroom, concert hall, outdoor atrium or auditorium, the trio has the instruments and repertoire to fulfill your needs.

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Percussion Trio